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A light-hearted look at some typos

Posted on 7th July 2014

In recent weeks, I have been working on a variety of files and, as those of you who follow my Facebook page will know, I have encountered some very amusing typos. As a light-hearted blog, I thought I'd share some of these with you, though beneath the (often juvenile) humour lies the reality that you can't replace the value of human eyes when proofreading as many of these won't crop up in a spell check.

  • Asses for assess
  • Bums for burns
  • Arsing for arising
  • Reliving for relieving (in relation to pain, ouch)
  • A colleague spotted shitting for sitting

And though not quite as funny, but connected with the last blog I uploaded about proofreading annual reports, I've had assert for asset, divided for dividend and ration for ratio...

And while we're on a random blog theme, sometimes there just doesn't seem to be an explanation for a typo...

Sign with typo

I'm still trying to work out what accent is required to make 'Household products' sound like 'House out proudact', and though I would never suggest a printer has to take responsibility for the text they're printing, I'm surprised this got to be on the wall of a local shop in north London (and it's been there for a while...).

Written by Kate Haigh.