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Richard Sheehan's recommended writing resources

Posted on 30th April 2012

A list of useful books and websites for reference when preparing, writing and editing your book.

Useful books on writing;
There are many books on how to write a novel, but very few that are exceptional. In my opinion, the books listed below all make it into that category.

Reading Like a Writer - Francine Prose
On Writing - Stephen King
Stein on Writing - Sol Stein
The Paris Review Interviews, volumes 1–4 (Also see www.theparisreview.org/interviews)
Write to be Published - Nicola Morgan
How to Write a Synopsis - Nicola Morgan

Literary Critiquing Services;
The following critiquing services have all been recommended to me by fellow writers.
Hyland and Byrne
The Literary Consultancy


These are links from previous blogs that will help you with aspects of your novel writing.