Kateproof: Professional and Friendly Proofreading Service

Editing and proofreading services for businesses, the third sector and authors

There have been various reports about the cost of errors in websites and other marketing materials, for example with this BBC report, so you don't need me to start the hard sell here. Instead, I will just give a bit of information about the proofreading and copy-editing service I offer to businesses, publishing houses and independent authors.

My pricing structure is based on the CIEP's suggested rates. However, as all jobs vary in size and scope, please contact me to discuss and confirm a rate that suits you and the level of proofreading or copy-editing required. I usually work on a fixed fee for a project or per 1,000 words, though if you prefer to pay hourly or day rates, I can do this.

I have experience of proofreading, proof-editing and copy-editing the following types of publications:

  • magazines (both when in-house and freelance)
  • booklets, brochures and marketing material
  • fiction and non-fiction books
  • annual reports and tender documents
  • training manuals and procedures
  • websites and online content.

I have experience of working on a wide variety of writing styles and topics, though with a degree in German and Politics, having worked in the public sector and finance industry (section manager for UK income processing for an international bank), as well as previous in-house publishing and ongoing freelance work, I consider the following to be particular subject specialisms:

  • German language, culture and history
  • politics, political theory and philosophy
  • business and finance
  • current affairs and the public sector.

Needless to say, all files and content will be treated confidentially and no work will be subcontracted or passed to a third party.

Here's what some clients have said about me and my copy-editing or proofreading service:

"Not only have I got a proofread manuscript but it's been an incredible learning process as well. Kate always provided additional information and advice about key amendments, highlighted new areas to think about and handled brilliantly the made-up language and capitalisation conundrums that science fiction brings!"
Dylan Byford, author

"Thank you for your excellent proofreading of my manuscripts. I am astonished by your focus, your forensic attention to detail and your remarkable memory. I know that you have made considerable efforts beyond your remit, and for this I am particularly grateful."
Paul Thornycroft, author

"Kate is brilliant to work with. She is excellent at what she does and her accurate marks are so helpful. Furthermore, she manages everything in perfect timing. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you Kate!"
Mario Routi, bestselling author

"I found Kate via a Google search and engaged her for my first book. Not only did she deliver on budget and ahead of deadline, but she picked up hundreds of errors. I had read the script so many times that I wasn't expecting to have to change much; it took two full days to implement her corrections. The gulf in professionalism between the before and after is amazing – I would never think of publishing without using a proofreader now. If I ever summon up the energy for a second book, Kate will be getting a call."
Matthew Sheridan, author of The STOLI Worm

"Working with Kate was a great experience. Highly professional, she clearly explained the process of proof-reading before starting her work on my lengthy novel. Kate promptly answered my many questions by e-mail, and was consistently courteous and friendly throughout. By the end of the process (and it is a process, not an event), I felt I had made a new friend. So do ask your questions. Kate is very approachable. For me, having my novel proof-read by Kate was a wonderful learning and re-learning experience. I highly recommend KateProof. 5/5 stars."
R. M. Hughes, author of The Last Village

"Kate never fails to impress with her attention to detail and grammatical knowledge, saving my books from many a hideous blunder. I'm often blown away by some of the things she spots in manuscripts I've read a dozen times. Her work frequently goes beyond the remit of a proofreader to offer highly useful advice and suggestions which are always appreciated. Kate has made a significant contribution to the success of my stories. Thanks, Kate! She also sings a mean karaoke rendition of 'I will survive'!"*
Emily Windsor, Regency romance author
*Kate's note: singing is not part of my standard editing and proofreading services! After working together for a few years, we happened to be in the same part of Spain for a night out...

"Kate's work is impecable. She is diligent, meticulous, and unfailingly reliable. Her proofreading skills greatly enhanced the presentation and quality of my book. I'm also very grateful for her timely delivery of the job. She's simply outstanding and I couldn't be happier with her work. I recommend her wholeheartedly and I look forward to working with her on many more projects."
Veronica del Valle, author of The Word-Keeper

"Kate did a very thorough job on the two manuscripts that I sent her and I was more than pleased with the results. She also made some suggestions of changes that I might want to consider, as well as pointing out a few plot inconsistencies. She communicated regularly with me both during and after the editing, and maintained a consistent style for the two novels she worked on. The edits were clear and easy to work through, with notes added for clarity as needed. Overall, very professional work and a service that I highly recommend."
Stephen J Sweeney, author

"I contacted Kate based on her stellar reviews to copy-edit and proof-read my first novel. From the outset, Kate was professional and direct with a hawk-eye for detail on every aspect of the book from grammar, punctuation and formatting to fact checking the accuracy of literally everything. Kate's professionalism is underpinned by her enthusiastic character and efficient work ethic that made the whole experience of working with her a joy. 10/10! I certainly hope to work with Kate on future work."
Richard Williams, author of Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave

"Kate's copy-editing work is always very thorough and really polishes a complete book manuscript. I have found her attention to detail and ability to pick up errors is excellent, particularly those that weary eyes that have read through a text many times start to miss."
Charles C, non-fiction author

"Kate has proof-read our last two prospectuses, our largest and most important publication, with contributions from many different sources, making consistency a key issue. She has consistently carried out a thorough job, on time and on schedule, and has always been friendly and helpful in all communications with us."
David Aust, Senior Copywriter, Marketing and Communications Department, Birmingham City University

"Not only have you picked up on all the grammatical and spelling errors which I missed after two attempts, resulting in a far more readable and professional text, but your suggestions for clarity have also made me think more carefully about how I was saying things and pointed out things which I simply had not considered as an issue. I feel the end product will be a far more enjoyable read for my customers as a result."
Niall Teasdale, author

"Kate answered the call to proofread the second editions of my manuscripts in the After It Happened series prior to them going to print. From the outset, I found that she quickly established a great understanding of not only the stories, but of how I write and think. Our working practice has evolved easily and I feel that she can anticipate what I mean, even when the words I've used don't make sense! Her attention to detail can only be likened to that of a surgeon, and her work rate is phenomenal. She has kept in constant touch throughout the process and our established rapport makes for a comfortable working relationship. I would strongly urge anyone in the fiction writing business to use her services. Kate's proof-editing skills are exceptional, and I feel that her work has significantly added to the experience of anyone reading my books."
Devon C Ford, author

"Kate provided us with a very detailed mark-up of a highly technical document very quickly and picked up all the sorts of errors which are so easy to miss. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to have a document proof read."
Mark Laurence, Partner, Fundsmith LLP

"I have been extremely satisfied with Kate's proofreading services – our organisation is very diverse in terms of projects we work on and Kate has provided proofreading work for many unusual areas, from proofing marketing leaflets and literature, to large research reports, detailed technical documents and qualification frameworks. Kate's attention to detail is second to none, she is a very professional and reliable proofreader and I would recommend her to everyone."
Caroline Moverley-Judd, formerly in the Marketing Department, Lantra

"Your work is once again extremely good. You get the level of intervention and edit accordingly. Your eye is great; your tone and sense of consistency across the many docs amazing. I thank you for a great job and much flexibility."
Terry Dunne, marketing consultant and copywriter

"Over the past six months, Kate has provided an excellent proofreading service on a variety of health and safety documents and reports, liaising with different consultants to ensure that we hit our service level agreements and deadlines without compromising on quality. With her professional approach, organisation skills and eye for detail I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate."
Paul Sherry, Managing Director, ID Enterprise Risk Ltd

"Kate provided a personal service from the start. She became familiar with the flavour of the work and discussed the project with us beforehand. The project was completed on schedule and Kate also suggested further improvements to the manuscript. Both the publisher and I were glad that Kate's fine-tooth comb went through the words. Sentences that we thought were Kateproof were not. Enough said."
Steve Morris, author of In All Probability, Jumble Tales and Playing Havoc