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Business Planning for Editorial Freelancers: A Guide for New Starters

Posted on 22nd April 2013

In a follow up to my last blog I thought I'd alert any budding proofreaders or those already in the industry looking to develop or build on their business that Louise Harnby has written a book: Business Planning for Editorial Freelancers: A Guide for New Starters.

You can buy the book in paperback or as an e-version via Smashwords or Amazon and I really would recommend this if you're new to the industry and/or new to running your own business.

As I've said many times before, there's no right or wrong route to becoming a successful freelancer of any discipline, and that's definitely the case with editing and proofreading, but having a sound plan will really help you stay focused.

This book covers a great deal of information about the issues faced when setting up a proofreading and editing business, but I feel that for a less biased perspective (I am one of the contributors to the book though hasten to add this was pro bono), check out the reviews and taster text to get a better idea of what just a few (tax expensable) quid will buy you.


Written by Kate Haigh.