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The perils of typos

Posted on 2nd March 2011

My boyfriend emailed from work last week to say he was having to set out his gaols and objectives - I thought what an apt typing error (though actually he quite likes his job) but this started me thinking about how many other typos are comical or fitting even if unintentional.

Today, he typed 'pant failures' omitting the all essential 'l' in plant - oh dear! I won't discuss what he may have been thinking on this blog...

@prepressperth alerted me to the following typo: "Electron beam welding is used in the high-technology aerospace and unclear industries." Somehow I think having an H-bomb dropped on you would be pretty clear. @prepressperth has a typo of the day so follow them on twitter if you're interested in more...

@PatBookWorm told me about how she'd once been sent a CV where the applicant described their hobby as marital arts - they even had a black belt in it! I know relationships can be feisty, but this is surely taking it a bit far.

A friend accidentally sent an email to their senior line manager titled 'God to Hire'. Admittedly the recruit in question was good, but promoting him to Godly status was probably a little over ambitious.

Of course, typos can go very wrong sometimes. Another friend of mine works for a recruitment company and one potential candidate got their typo totally wrong and no doubt spent months on the dole as a result - missing the 'f' out of shift manager is hardly great self-promotion!

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Written by Kate Haigh.