Kateproof: Professional and Friendly Proofreading Service

Below is a more detailed look at my copy-editing service for academics or authors of non-fiction. If there's something extra you want me to specifically work on, that is usually not a problem but I need to know in advance of agreeing to the work and confirming the schedule and cost.

My copy-editing service for non-fiction texts includes the following:

  • correcting spelling errors and incorrect punctuation using track changes in Word so that you can accept or reject every individual amendment or using highlighting and sticky notes in PDF, which you'll then have to manually transfer to the file
  • ensuring that the work follows the conventions of grammar and syntax used in written English (including in any footnotes, endnotes or appendices). This can include rewording parts of a sentence or a whole sentence in order to clarify your English, which can be in US or UK spellings
  • making notes (using comments balloons/bubbles) for you where the meaning of the text is unclear and suggesting an alternative. I make this suggestion in the balloon rather than in the text as I may not be a subject expert and this way you can see whether or not my suggestion works without changing the meaning or altering the argument
  • changing any misused words or querying if the word used is what is intended. Occasionally I may not know exactly what is meant so I will use balloon comments to highlight that the word isn't right, and will then discuss what it should or could be
  • ensuring consistency in terms of spelling (e.g. hyphenation or spelling choice when two options are correct e.g. focusing/focussing), punctuation, capitalisation and other aspects of style, for example using double or single quote marks and using e.g., etc. and i.e. consistently
  • helping achieve consistency of formatting and that chapter, table and figure numbering is sequential and correct. Where relevant, also checking that the chapter headings and subheadings in the Table of Contents, Figures and Tables match those in the text
  • suggesting ways of cutting very long sentences or dividing very long paragraphs and assisting with cutting the overall length of the work if necessary
  • noting errors in the punctuation and/or format of in-text quotes but not correcting them as quotes need to match exactly what the original states, unless it's a translation made by you (which it should state), in which case I will make the amendments using track changes
  • correcting in-text references to tables and figures (e.g. if you say 'see Table 4.2' but it should say 'see Table 4.1') highlighting whether you have an in-text reference that isn't in your reference section/bibliography or vice versa
  • checking that all acronyms and abbreviations are explained on first mention and noting where they are not, as well as converting full text to the acronyms or abbreviations where necessary
  • ensuring the references adhere to the specific style (e.g. Harvard, Vancouver) and correcting spelling errors in the entries. It may be possible for me to assist further with the reference section but this needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis and will be confirmed prior to starting work if anything other than this basic check is required.

Where I have provided comments that require follow-up work, my initial quote covers me checking your corrections to these sections once. However, I will only check those specific sections so you must make the amendments/corrections using track changes or highlighting the text so that I can easily locate the updated text. This service is offered once so it is advisable for you to work through the entire file and then send it to me in one go, along with any queries you may have by email.

Terms and conditions related to my copy-editing service
  • Whether or not your paper/article/work is accepted for publication is not within my control and I cannot guarantee this.
  • If you supply a sample of your work for me to base my quote on but then the overall text is of a much poorer standard than the sample text, I may either adjust the quote accordingly or decline the work.
  • I will not pass the work to a third party or discuss your work with anyone else without your prior permission. If I am unable to take on the work, I may be able to suggest an alternative freelancer but it will then be between you and the new proofreader/editor to agree Ts and Cs and payment and I will have no further part in the process.
  • Payment is to be made in GBP into a GBP bank account within 30 days of invoice. A receipt can be provided if required once the funds have been received.
  • If you commit to sending me the work on a set day and/or at a set time and need to then change this, please let me know as soon as possible. If you submit the work later than scheduled, I have the right to change the time and/or date that I will return the work to you or withdraw from the work completely.